1,500 tons of pressing force for e-mobility and more

With electronic 3-axis transfer and automatic coil changer

With a new 1,500-ton transfer press, the ERNST Group is once again setting a new record in the area of ​​pressing force.  In addition, there is an electronic 3-axis transfer, an automatic coil changer and significantly increased set-up convenience, which enables a product change in the shortest possible time.  "With the new press, we are well prepared for the challenges of hybrid technology, fully electric drive technology and the flexible requirements of other industries", says ERNST Managing director Herbert Gieringer with pleasure. "Now we can not only form high-strength materials with higher sheet thickness and extreme precision"  , adds ERNST Head of Sales Philipp Geng.  "Even smaller series and our noise-reducing double sheet technology can be implemented very economically."
New precision in toolmaking
This is also made possible by further advances in toolmaking: A new 5-axis milling machine in the machine tool park can manufacture individual tool parts for larger products with high precision 
This enables the new press to form more complex functional components with a new area of dimensions and tolerances. An external blank cut also enables the use of longer tools.
Intralogistically optimally integrated
The new high-performance press is located in a new production hall with 3,100 m 'and state of the art  underfloor scrap disposal.
For an  Optimized value stream, the new machining area with the latest CNC technology is also located in the hall.
The highlights of the 1,500-ton transfer press
Largest and most modern transfer press of the ERNST Group
External blank cutting
Electronic 3-axis transfer
Automatic coil changer
Underfloor scrap disposal
Changing table for external set-up
Processing of high-strength materials with sheet thicknesses up to 6mm possible
Particularly suitable for e-mobility and double sheet components