Matthias Ernst und Herbert Gieringer
Matthias Ernst und Herbert Gieringer

Taking responsibility

Commitment beyond the economy

Part of the principle of the social market economy and human interaction with one another is to stand up for one another, helping out when and where help is needed. At ERNST, this has always been our conviction. The spectrum of ERNST's commitment ranges from collegial interaction with one another to  support in critical situations, or the early introduction of the company pension plan to specific support of regional and international initiatives such as the photovoltaic system in Oberkirch and the solar power system on an Indian church.

Charitable values are a part of the apprentices‘ educational system

The social commitment at ERNST is also an integral part of the apprenticeship program. For instance, every year the apprentices collect for a good cause at Christmas. In doing so, we believe that we teach the next generation a fundamental understanding of morals ​​beyond the professional competences which are expected of them.

The ERNST commitment in summary

  • In the company:
    • Company pension plan
    • Company sport activities and health promotion
    • We have our own photovoltaic system producing 120,000 kWh of electricity per year
  • We support the following regional associations and organizations (among others):
  • Training cooperation with the workshop of the Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch for the mentally and/or physically challenged
  • School partnerships and support of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
  • We support international charitable initiatives, e.g. a school for street children in Kenya

Some deeper insights into exemplary projects can be found here:

Wasserfilter Paul

ERNST Group donates two PAUL water filters to Nepal

Clean drinking water was already a problem in Nepal before the earthquake in 2015. Actually, the country has many sources of water. However, the water is often contaminated by coliform bacteria and toxins. In cities like Kathmandu, the water is often delivered in tankers. Water pipes are often so old, that they are filthy and rusted. Villagers, who live further away from the major cities, often drink unfiltered water from rivers or polluted springs.
Thirteen PAUL water filters were brought to Kathmandu and installed in needy villages and schools as part of the earthquake relief project of the ASHA Freundes- und Förderkreis “Friends and Patrons society” from Oberkirch, who headed out immediately after the devastating earthquake.

Auf dem Schollenhof

School kids and ERNST apprentices get together for mutual activities

The Schollenhof is not only a historic farm in Achern-Wagshurst, but rather a facility for the integration of people with mental and/or physical challenges. It is often here that ERNST apprentices take part in joint activities with the school kids and the mentally and/or physically challenged.

ERNST Group honored: "Together without hindrances... simple, barrier-free"

The non-profit Lebenshilfe Offenburg, along with its patron District Administrator Frank Scherer, honor companies, authorities, banks, retail stores as well as restaurants and hotels with the “Together without hindrances” award.

The ERNST Group qualified for the award in 2019 through an apprenticeship curriculum and cooperation with Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch.

Mehr Kunst im Bau

More artwork in our buildings

Anyone who attentively walks through the company's buildings may have well already noticed. More and more works of art adorn the walls of the corridors, offices and meeting rooms. The works of art were selected at various exhibitions, and the appropriate places for presenting the objects in the company were found with the support of the Oberkirch artist Rainer Nepita.