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Mission ERNST


  • ERNST is the global expert for precision components in stamping and forming technologies, including downstream stages of the value-added chain.
  • We reliably meet the demanding requirements of successful enterprises in the automotive and non-automotive industry.
  • We inspire our customers with innovative concepts and reliability throughout the entire process from product design to series production.
  • We utilize the same high-technological standards and solutions at all of our locations which are situated in the key economic markets of the world.
  • As a family business with more than 50 years of experience, we are privileged with an independence which ensures a committed and long-standing partnership with our customers.
  • We foster a cooperative and performance-oriented corporate culture that facilitates employees.

  • Out of responsibility for society and the environment, we are involved in a diverse range of social commitments.
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Guiding Principles of Quality Assurance

We live and breathe quality

Every ERNST employee is involved in the continuous improvement of any process that influences quality. We promote and demand quality awareness as well as the permanent enhancement of all of our processes at ERNST.

We place the desires of our customers in the focal point of all of our activities

Our customers set the benchmark for quality standards. That is why the expectations and needs of our customers are at the center of everything we do. We consider optimal consultation and innovative solutions to be crucial and are therefore fundamental for highly-satisfied customers.

We promote continuous improvements across the group

Quality lives and stands for permanent, cross-divisional striving for improvement. We bring about constant optimization in all areas with our Kaizen activities. The continuous improvement of all of our services is the direct result of our demands for high-quality standards and competence.

We plan our processes systematically and target-oriented

Targeted advance quality planning in cooperation with all of the areas involved in the process guarantees high-product quality. We develop our processes in such a way that we achieve the best quality and efficiency with maximum flexibility.

We count on our employees’ committed involvement

All employees contribute with their knowledge and commitment to the achievement of our quality goals and thus to the success of the company. We rely on qualifications, motivation and a sense of identification.

We actively collaborate with our suppliers

We closely cooperate in a partnership manner with quality-conscious suppliers who support our quality philosophy. We understand that our success depends on the quality of your products and services.

We protect the environment and save resources

Our solutions facilitate our customers' products to be more environmentally friendly as well as conserve resources. We optimize our processes to diminish energy consumption and thereby increase efficiency in energy use. The manufacturing of our products optimally has the least possible impact on people and the environment. This of course also includes the health and safety of our employees.

We think and act globally

Our quality objectives apply to all of our sites worldwide. Our customers can expect to receive our high standard of services in the same quality throughout the world.