Small motors & automotive electronics

Processed with the utmost cleanliness

We are committed to the spectrum of safety technology as well as autonomous driving in this product segment. More often than not, we are occupied with large series made of various materials such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

It is not just about exceptionally precise dimensions here. The highest of requirements have to be fulfilled with utmost scrutiny on the cleanliness of the surfaces, i.e. on residual dirt and surface tension. And, when it matters most, we also optimize the physical properties of the product once again. For instance, we will further diminish the dB levels beyond the already low-noise reduction demands with our double-sheet metal housings solution or additionally enhance wall thicknesses for an even more superior magnetic flux.

Exemplary products:

  • ECU covers and base plates
  • Housing for small motors
  • Magnet housings
  • Actuators and control units

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