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Best opportunities for mechatronic technicians and tool & die makers


Your apprentice program at a glance


  • We offer two professions:
    • mechatronic technicians
    • tool & die maker
  • Training always starts on August 1st of each year.
  • The training lasts 28 months.
  • Applications are possible at any time


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YOU are in the final steps of finishing High school. Now is the perfect time to think about your future.

Choose a career with diverse possibilities! ERNST Metal Technologies is a successful international manufacturing company, a premiere supplier to the automotive industry and an exceptional employer.

For more than 50 years, our German Headquarter has been offering students many opportunities in professional and personal development. Now you have the same opportunities as in the German-based program in our ERNST US manufacturing facility in Moraine, OH.


Why you should join our team

If you join our Apprentice Program, you  start your career in manufacturing while working for a world-class organization. The possibilities are first-class, as ERNST provides education assistance and opportunities to grow within the company.


With the Apprentice Program you earn while you learn

While earning a salary you will be working toward industry-specific certifications and an associate degree. You will also receive intensive hands-on training. You will alternate between attending school and working at the company with more time at the company as training progresses. That means the program combines classroom learning with on-the-job-training.

You can choose your favorite professional training

Mechatronic technician

A mechatronic technician performs a wide range of duties related to mechatronics maintenance, design and production.

  • Mechatronic is the combination of several disciplines, including mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics and instrumentation.
  • Mechatronic is used to troubleshoot equipment, instrumentation and production systems in many industries.
  • As a mechatronic technician, your responsibilities include repairing and maintaining existing systems or equipment, as well as helping engineers and industrial designers create and test the systems.

Tool & die maker

Tool & die makers are responsible for building, modifying, maintaining and repair of stamping and forming dies. Skills:

  • knowledge of material/coating properties
  • inspect components and assemblies for wear and tear
  • inspect and repair components and assemblies with optical and mechanical devices
  • apply different joining techniques
  • transport, store and secure spare parts

Work together with the design department and supervisors to improve the function and design of tools.

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