These characteristics make ERNST what it is

Whoever wants to stand out from the masses has to possess some exceedingly pronounced characteristics. ERNST Umformtechnik has always struck out on its own when producing stamped parts, stamped and bent parts, deep-drawn parts or assemblies. From the very beginning our aim has been to extend the limits of feasibility and we soon became renowned for finding solutions to extremely complex problems. We were thus able to lay the foundation for an intense development partnership with our customers.

But there are also several other characteristics from which our customers profit.

We cultivate our strengths to your advantage

  • We are absolute specialists in sheet-metal forming processes.
  • As a development partner, we find the ideal sheet-metal forming solution for you.
  • Highly-skilled and experienced employees are the basis for our success.
  • We consider top-class quality and continuous improvement to be an absolute must.
  • State-of-the-art technology, machines and processes guarantee our performance.
  • We know how much we owe to our values, which are typical for a medium-sized company in Germany, and to the excellent reputation enjoyed by the ERNST name. That is why we maintain and foster them.
  • We rely on innovations for innovations: Ever improving sheet-metal forming processes are the foundation for innovative design and for the substitution of out-of-date materials and technologies.
  • Today, global logistics determine the pace of the markets. We are part of this.