The highest level of quality

The aim of all our activities including product and process development, quality planning as well as the series-production launch is to achieve zero-defect production. To reach this goal, we rely on all our employees to work creatively, independently and with commitment.

A close working relationship with our customers based on mutual trust

A close working relationship with our customers based on mutual trust is the basis for successful work. We orient our corporate structure toward the constantly changing market conditions. A high level of customer satisfaction is the benchmark against which we measure ourselves.

Innovative production and process technology

Targeted investments in new process and production technologies are aimed at strengthening our competitiveness. With our ability to develop innovative new process technologies for products that have to satisfy the highest technological demands, we want to be one of the leading players in our industry.

Workplace safety

We consider safe workplaces to be a social obligation. We offer a wide range of training courses which allow our employees to develop themselves further according to their responsibilities and competencies, and to keep their knowledge up to date.

The company's long-term orientation

Our top priority is to guarantee that we remain an independent company despite the changing global economic environment. We want to strengthen our company's international orientation. We will constantly adapt to the changes dictated by the market.

High efficiency

The basic prerequisite for the continued positive development of the company is commensurate earning power. By introducing processes such as TQM, CIP as well as building up EPS (Ernst Production System), our goal is to increase our competitiveness and strengthen our earning power.