Ideal for smaller parts

ERNST France expands the range of the ERNST Group

You can benefit from ERNST France in Alsace
Speak to us about flexible production of smaller components. With the ERNST Group’s international production network, we can integrate the competencies of ERNST France optimally into your processes.

ERNST France at a glance

  • Official name: Ernst S.A.R.L. – Découpage-Emboutissage, 67110 Niederbronn-les-Bains, France
  • Processing with 50 people
  • Plant with seven presses of 400 to 2500 kN
  • Integrated tool making and construction
  • Small, flexible organisation able to deploy rapidly and respond to customer needs
  • Processes:
    - Degreasing
    - Deburring
    - Threads
    - Rivets
    - Welding
    - Assembly
  • Materials processed:
    - Steel
    - Non-ferrous metals
    - Stainless steels
    - Aluminium
  • thicknesses: 0.2 - 6 mm
  • Located a convenient distance from the main facility in Oberkirch, allowing flexible exchange of capacities and know-how.
  • Expansion space for further development