An ideal solution for every challenge

Depending on the formed part and the quantities you want to produce, there is a choice of different processes which lend themselves to providing the optimum and most cost-efficient solution.

Progressive tooling

This production method employs a single tool to carry out various process steps such as stamping, bending, drawing and embossing. The design and development effort involved is somewhat higher than for other processes. However, due to the higher productivity when producing large quantities, it pays off very quickly.

Transfer forming

If medium-sized parts are to be formed or combinations with horizontal processing such as drilling or embossing are required, transfer forming is the first choice.

Multiple-die pressing or deep drawing

If a high degree of deformation, tight tolerances and finished solutions are required, deep drawing on multiple-die presses is, on the whole, technologically and economically unbeatable. Chiplessly formed deep-drawn parts can be manufactured fully automatically and very efficiently.

Special sheet-metal forming processes

Alongside the classic methods, ERNST Umformtechnik also likes to find individual and unusual solutions to get your desired part into the perfect shape.

In the past our experienced engineers have found the ideal solution for many apparently "impossible" parts. Set us a challenge.