Best equipment for maximum output in series production

In order to offer the best possible sheet-metal forming solution at all times, we ensure that our machine park is continuously being modernized. A comprehensive range of manufacturing equipment comprising automatic stamping, transfer and multiple-die presses is available both at the company's headquarters in Oberkirch and at the ERNST's international facilities in France, the USA and China.

Through international coordination and standardization of its processes, the ERNST group offers you a wide range of massive forming services worldwide. Whether stamping, bending, deep drawing or similar sheet-metal forming processes – ERNST always offers you the newest technology.


Manufacturing equipment
Automatic stamping presses

  • 125 to 1,000 tons in Germany
  • 40 to 250 tons in France
  • Up to 800 tons in the USA

Transfer presses

  • 400 to 1,000 tons in Germany
  • Up to 800 tons in the USA
  • Up to 600 tons in China

Multiple-die presses

  • 300 to 500 tons in Germany