The best manufacturing process for your parts

Our specialists choose the most suitable process for your formed parts from a wide range of possible manufacturing methods. Depending on the sheet-metal forming process required, either progressive tool manufacturing or transfer tool manufacturing, multiple-die pressing or special sheet-metal forming processes offer the most efficient production methods.

The ultimate decision regarding the most suitable manufacturing concept is taken during the final manufacturing feasibility analysis on the basis of all relevant factors.

Subsequently, the part and the tooling are designed. Using high-speed milling, CNC technology and other necessary manufacturing equipment, we prepare everything that is required for the efficient production of the part.




  • Process definition with the final manufacturing feasibility analysis
  • Decision on the manufacturing concept

    • Progressive tools
    • Transfer tools
    • Multiple-die pressing tools
    • Special sheet-metal forming tools

  • Engineering
  • Tooling

    • Manufacturing equipment (e.g. high-speed milling or CNC technology)