And sometimes even beyond

Sometimes a small detail makes the difference between life and death; for example, when it is a matter of airbags functioning correctly. We have proven time and again that our formed parts offer this safety and precision – down to the smallest detail. This is the result of development and production processes which for decades have continuously extended the available range of sheet-metal forming technologies. Things that were considered to be impossible in the past are now being manufactured in series at ERNST Umformtechnik in Oberkirch. In order to achieve these advances, our experienced engineers have repeatedly discovered new possibilities near the limit of achievability. As a consequence, we are constantly creating new precisely formed parts with ever-increasing user benefits for you, our customer.

Which components would you like us to redesign for you?

The special ERNST services

  • Design and manufacture of high-precision formed parts
  • Process development for challenging series production
  • High-quality technology
  • Continuously optimized processes
  • Highly-skilled and experienced employees
  • Presses with a capacity up to 1,000 tons
  • Laser welding and machining centers
  • Diverse machining options for stamped and deep-drawn parts as well as high-quality assemblies
  • Sophisticated downstream processing options