ERNST – a company with tradition and character

Basically, the ERNST name stands for first-class quality, complex sheet-metal forming solutions and an international orientation. But all that stands on a very sound and down-to-earth foundation. We know how much we owe to our values, which are typical for a medium-sized company in Germany, and the excellent reputation enjoyed by the ERNST name. That is why we will maintain and cultivate them.

For more than 40 years the name ERNST has been synonymous with first-class quality and reliability, sophisticated technologies and manufacturing processes. We have been able to surprise our customers time and time again with exceptionally innovative solutions on the way from the idea to series-production readiness. This has earned us a global reputation as a development partner for even the trickiest cases. And yet we are solid and down-to-earth enough to always have an eye for the pragmatic solution.

Not only do we cultivate constructive teamwork within our company but also beyond its boundaries in our dealings with our global customers.

Many of them greatly appreciate this and enjoy a close, long-term relationship with our company and the ERNST name.