The Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is an integral part of our corporate structure

ERNST Umformtechnik had already recognized the crucial role played by continuous improvement before a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) was required by DIN EN ISO 9001. Nowadays, Kaizan, the Japanese term for striving towards continual improvements, is an inherent part of the company's daily routine. The philosophy is implemented through the ERNST Production System, two CIP managers and Kaizen coaches who are exempted from their normal duties as well a large number of training courses and considerable persuasive effort in the entire company. ERNST employees already learn the basic concepts of Kaizan and CIP during their training. The three-day basic training course is part of the standard training program for every apprentice.


CIP Rules

  • Solve problems in teams
  • An 80% solution is better than a 100% solution which cannot be implemented
  • CIP never ends
  • Recognize the potential for improvement in mistakes
  • CIP can be used everywhere
  • CIP should be part of the day-to-day working procedures