ERNST is committed to future-oriented high-tech processes

Due to the increasingly complex design possibilities and the ever-greater choice of manufacturing processes, ERNST products and ERNST services are becoming interesting for an ever increasing number of future-oriented sectors and processes.

kamerapruefung up New added value potential is arising in the medical-technology, environmental technology, mechanical engineering and home-appliance sectors due to metal parts which may even be made out of high-strength materials, or due to complex assemblies. Do not rely on the experience and precision of ERNST Umformtechnik only with regard to the safety and functionality of your parts.

Let's talk about how you can best use ERNST's design, development 
and manufacturing capacity for your products.


Use the ERNST expertise

  • Increasingly complex stamped, drawn and formed parts
  • Substitution of cast parts
  • Processing high-strength materials
  • Machining
  • Laser welding
  • Assembly of complex assemblies