Highly-skilled and experienced employees are the basis for our success

One factor in ERNST's success is the unusually high degree of identification with, and loyalty to, our medium-sized company with its open and familial atmosphere. Alongside the opportunities available to every employee to develop as an individual within the company, constructive teamwork plays a special role for us. This includes instruction and training to attain professional qualifications and, of course, the promotion of international skills, for example through language courses to increase confidence when dealing with international customers.

Another positive factor for the welfare of our employees are the social benefits such as the company pension scheme, workplace health promotion, sports programs and the company's varied social commitments.

On the whole this leads to greater satisfaction and more personal responsibility on the part of the employees. Because of the low staff turnover, a great deal of knowledge and experience not only remains in the company but also grows continuously: As a consequence, ERNST has at its command a large amount of intellectual capital from which all our customers profit.