Do you enjoy working with computers? Is technology your thing? In that case this profession is just right for you!

Technical product designers create drawings of machines, tools and components using modern CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs. Their job is to create technical documents according to the specifications provided by the engineers. Mainly, this involves creating drawings, but it also involves producing bills of material, assembly and conversion instructions, and calculations.

The training program to become a technical product designer takes place within the German dual education system. This means that you learn the basic theory at the technical vocational school in Lahr and the basic practical skills in the company where you are doing your training.

Important prerequisites

  • Sound basic knowledge of mathematics
  • An interest in and understanding of technology
  • Spatial perception
  • Ability to work in a team

We offer you:

  • Learning to work with 3D CAD systems
  • Practice-related training as part of a team working on topical projects
  • Interdepartmental training to acquire comprehensive knowledge of stamping and sheet-metal forming technology