IT training – a step into the future

What would life be without computers?

Herr Wiedemer

Anyone who is interested in computers can probably answer this question on their own. Nowadays, the same applies to companies. Without a working IT system that is constantly adapted, optimized and augmented with new technologies, a company would not be able to prevail against its competitors. The IT profession, like no other, has to assert itself so flexibly toward business processes and dynamic development in industry. That is why new developments are being constantly integrated into the training program.

Ralf Wiedemer – Trainer

IT specialist for systems integration

A good grade from the "Realschule" (similar to high school) and, ideally, completion of a two-year course in technology and media at a vocational college are the basis to start training to be a IT specialist in systems integration in our company.

IT systems are becoming increasingly important for the optimization of business processes. The IT specialist plans, configures and installs complex networked IT systems according to the constantly changing requirements, taking into consideration the cost-benefit ratio. Moreover, he gets to know PCs and servers as well as their components inside and out, and repairs these independently within a short space of time to allow the users to work without problems and worries. At the same time, the IT specialist advises, supports and trains the staff when new technology is introduced. This applies to client-server systems as well as to hard- and software components in both Windows and Linux environments.

The most important prerequisites for working in the IT profession include a confident manner and enjoying working with computers and other people. The IT specialist localizes and rectifies faults, controls the quality and suggests solutions using diagnostic systems as well as knowledge management databases and linked ticketing systems.

At the end of a very practice-oriented, three-year apprenticeship period, you are ready to start your career as an IT specialist for systems integration. If your grades are good to very good it may be possible to shorten your training by six months.