The "training workshop" concept

Increasingly complex content matter has to be taught in a practice-orientated and topical manner. For this reason, we already teach according to the Model of Complete Action during basic training. The goal of this method is to motivate the apprentices and trainees to act independently. In addition, group working helps develop social skills.

We devised the "training workshop" concept to implement this method successfully in the company.

Jens Boeuf (on the left) & Manfred Braun (on the right)

What is the "training workshop" concept?

That is nothing other than teaching the apprentices and trainees professional, methodical, and social skills, by working on productive projects. The training workshop provides these projects as a service for the company. The trainees are, of course, not left to fend for themselves. We trainers support them with our knowledge and practical experience.
Being involved in real working procedures has huge advantages. The trainees learn by experimenting and gaining personal experience during the realization of every new task. Furthermore, it is a good feeling to be part of a successful project team.