Commercial training in an international environment

Frau Mezger

Due to increasing globalization, the demands placed on industrial clerks are growing permanently. As a service provider within the group and also the first point of contact for the customer, communication with international contacts is becoming increasingly important as is the use of figures and charts. A self-confident, engaging manner and a good command of foreign languages, both spoken and written, are becoming increasingly important.


Alexandra Mezger – Trainer

Industrial clerks

The basis for an interesting and varied job as an industrial clerk is the basic knowledge learnt in those departments relevant to the apprenticeship while being involved in day-to-day business activities.

The apprentice learns to carry out all the tasks required of him/her independently and in a responsible manner, and thus learns the role and importance of the individual steps in the entire process.

In addition, projects are planned and carried out in a team with the other apprentices in order to promote social skills and self-confidence when dealing with contact partners in everyday working life. After this practice-oriented apprenticeship, which generally lasts about three years, the young employees are well equipped to start a successful career, for example in purchasing, sales/export, or human resources.