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ERNST is your reliable and solid partner for demanding development requirements

The best solutions are the result of a solid collaboration. You tell us what you have in mind, and we will ensure that the best feasible forming solution be put into place. In the process, our development specialists reason in a comprehensive, sustainable and resource-saving manner. The challenges as to how which production possibilities are to be considered, costs, weight, material usage, development time and processes are all brought into an ideal relationship. We use the most modern simulation and development methods such as Simultaneous Engineering.

The more complex the requirements are, the more important it is to have close cooperation between your and our specialists. Your optimal solution is created in a structured exchange as part of our proven development processes.

Together, we will bring your ideas quickly and efficiently to series production. Let us talk about it.

Advanced Development

We optimize your parts by applying simultaneous engineering, layout, design optimization and feasibility studies.

  • Benefit from decades of experience in forming technology
  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Design of stamped and formed parts
  • Design optimization for technically and commercially optimal solutions
  • Feasibility studies

In order to assess component quality and to promote rapid optimization as well as shorten the development process.

  • Virtual product development
  • Assessment of component quality
  • Fast product and process optimization
  • Special simulation process for metal forming
  • Curbing the product development time

Enhance forged, cast and sintered parts through forming and produce more efficiently.

  • New manufacturing processes for forged, cast and sintered parts
  • Design enhancements
  • Less material

Cost optimization through material savings, weight reduction, process costs, elimination of machining and joining processes.

Examples of successfully substituted components:

Ratio projects

Significant savings due to less components and streamlined processes.


One instead of three components

Initial situation:

  • One welded assembly comprising of 3 components: Flange, sleeve and a shell 


The ERNST solution:

  • The forming resolution comprising of just one part
  • Reverse-drawn bearing carrier
  • Process cost reduction
  • Less scrap  for subsequent processes
  • Substantial cost savings
Product innovation

Unparalleled ERNST developments for your projects: Double sheet metal, spindle, synchronizer ring and material thickening – just to mention a few.


Here are just a few examples of innovative ERNST solutions:

  • Double sheet-metal housing
  • Spindle
  • Synchronizer ring
  • Oil dam for automatic transmissions (material thickening)
  • Ironing
  • Stator housing
Outsourcing projects

When things get tight in your production facilities, ERNST will produce your goods for you! Our capacities for your contract manufacturing.

  • Extensive experience in third-party tool optimization
  • Contract manufacturing on available capacity
  • Fast implementation of third-party tools and production equipment into in-plant production

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