You can rely on us

From the initial request through to series production, every formed part undergoes a clearly defined process. This gives you certainty. At the same time our engineers enjoy the creative freedom needed to come up with new ideas which can be employed in the production. This forms the basis for the special ERNST quality. 

Thus, even at the prototype design stage, we are already ensuring that the high standards required for subsequent series production will be realized.

We have proven this time and time again. Now we would like to prove it to you.

Customer requirement 

  • Sales
  • First manufacturing feasibility analysis
  • Quote or estimate

Concept phase

  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Design studies
  • Simulation
  • Rapid Prototyping

Project management

  • Manufacturing feasibility analysis
  • Prototype construction, including water-jet cutting
  • Functional testing of the parts by the customer

Binding quote


Production planning

  • Process definition with the final manufacturing feasibility analysis
  • Decision on the manufacturing concepts
    • Progressive tools
    • Transfer tools
    • Multiple-die pressing tools
    • Special sheet-metal forming tools

  • Engineering
  • Tooling
    • Manufacturing equipment (e.g. high-speed milling or CNC technology)

Production of samples

  • Manufacture of the initial samples under series-production conditions
  • Performing the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and documentation
  • Customer approval of the samples