Commitment beyond economics

Being there for each other and helping each other where required belongs to the principles of the social market economy and how we interact with one another as human beings. At ERNST this has never been just an empty phrase, but rather an integral part of our convictions. The spectrum of ERNST's commitment ranges from a friendly working climate, non-bureaucratic support during crises, the early introduction of a company pension scheme, right though to concrete support for regional and international initiatives, from the photovoltaic system in Oberkirch to the solar collectors on a church roof in India.

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Social commitment at ERNST is also an integral part of our training program. Every Christmas, our trainees raise money for a good cause. In this way we want to impart in our young employees a certain understanding of important values beyond the skills required for the job.

A few examples of the ERNST commitment

  • Training cooperation with the sheltered workshop of the Lebenshilfe
    Offenburg-Oberkirch, a society for persons with disabilities.
  • School partnerships and support for the University of Applied Sciences at Offenburg
  • Support for international charities, e. g.
  • In-house photovoltaic systems delivering 120,000 kWh of current per year